new home design selection

Step 1 Home Selection

You will provide your signed sale of land contract, including your plan of subdivision & design guidelines, as well as proof of land ownership and construction funding details.

Meet with one of our experienced Sales Consultants to receive a complete walk-through of inclusions and sales documentation, before finalising your most suitable floorplan.

new home design facade selection

Step 2 Facade Selection

Select and finalise your ideal façade from our range of single and double storey homes.

Our Sales Consultant will finalise your floorplans showing your individual requirements and lock in the base home price.

Reminder: Review the HIA Contract prior to the next appointment

colour selection new home

Step 3 Colour Selection

Browse through our extensive colour options, that have been carefully co-ordinated by our talented interior design team, to create a variety of stunning finishes.

Arrange appointment to analyse your colour and product selections. The HIA contract and associated documentation is presented to you.

Client to sign the HIA contract and pay the balance of 5% deposit.

new home upgrades

Step 4 Upgrades

Choose from our wide variety of upgrades. Visit our showroom at our head office to browse through our upgrade options.

Developer approval is sought. Plans and associated documentation is lodged to obtain a building permit.

site meeting

Step 5 Calculate Cost

An initial deposit is required to secure purchase.

Mega will calculate the site cost and finalise construction plans based on your site parameters, colour and upgrade selections. Final construction plans are completed.

Client to provide contact details of chosen financial institution (bank, branch and lenders, if applicable).

new house and land package purchase

Step 6 Contract

You review your contract documentation, including a detailed project agenda, full set of working drawings and specifications. Documents are finalised and signed off.

We prepare your building contract for you to sign off and material orders are placed.

No further changes will be accepted after this point.

Mega Resdential new home base

Step 7 Base

Progress payment is to be authorised and paid by you, or forwarded to your lending institution for payment.

We lay the required underground connections, pour the concrete slab and surround the site with temporary fencing. A base stage claim invoice will be raised and sent to you for payment.

Reminder: Authorise progress payment.

New home construction frame

Step 8 Frame

Your homes walls, windows, door frames and roof trusses are marked out and your home’s frame is completed.

A frame stage claim invoice will be raised and sent to you or forwarded to your lending institution for payment.

Authorise progress payment.

new home lock up stage

Step 9 Lock Up

Progress payment to be authorised and forwarded to your lending institution.

Your home is insulated and cloaked with its chosen external wall cladding. Your roof covering is fixed into place and any external doors and windows, permanent or temporary are hung.

Reminder: Authorise progress payment.

new home painting  fix stage

Step 10 Fix

Progress payment to be authorised and forwarded to your lending institution.

Internal walls and ceilings are coated in plaster, all architraves, skirting, doors and cabinets are fixed into position.

Authorise progress payment.

new home mega residential

Step 11 Completion

You will be required to inspect your new home with a Mega Residential Quality Assurance team member and sign off the certificate of Final Inspection.

All building works excluding appliances are completed in accordance with the Contract

Authorise progress payment and inspect home.

new home after care

After Completion Care

3 Month Maintenance Warranty

Now that you have unpacked the last box in your new home it is time for the post completion stage, to ensure you are provided with the utmost support.

You will be required to provide a list of items you wish to be inspected. After such a Mega Residential representative will inspect your new home with you. If applicable, you then must provide access to all items that may need maintenance or repairs, we will ensure as minimal disruption as possible. Once completed we will need you to sign off on the work conducted.

The builder contacts you to arrange a 3-month post completion service call. This is an extensive warranty inspection conducted 3 months after settlement, to address any concerns you may have. Should any repairs be required, they are arranged during this time.

Reminder: Provide list of items to be inspected.